Why User Focus Matters

Acting as user advocates, we ensure that content is targeted specifically to the people who need it. We tailor content to ensure that it uses the correct terminology and jargon, the right tone and formality.

Our knowledge of people and how they work with systems and devices ensures that we craft just the right information, available in the right place, and accessible at the right time to improve productivity and reduce mistakes.

We create easy to follow tasks by organizing complex directions into logical and understandable steps. Developing the right "chunks" of information can make large multi-step processes simpler to follow, seem less intimidating and easier to learn.

Job aids designed for use in the workplace can provide brief and accessible summaries of challenging or infrequently performed tasks. Presenting just the right piece of information - things that are often done incorrectly or misinterpreted - can improve performance and reduce errors. A reminder that is short and focuses on the "hard part" can be more useful than a complete explanation, and is more likely to be used.